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Dear valued customers,

This is Nick, Angie, and Ploy; we are the owners of Tong-D South Kingstown. We want to express our gratitude to all of you- thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for your patronage for the past seven years. It has been a long journey, and today we would like to announce that Tong-D South Kingstown will continue to run under a new management team with a new brand named 'Tong-Ta.' It's a bitter-sweet goodbye for us, but we hope you find your favorite dishes at Tong-Ta and wish them all the best.

Again- thank you, everyone. We craved all the kind words we received in our hearts, which will always remind us to do our best in whatever we do.

If you miss us- you can always find us at Tong-D in Barrington and Heng in Providence. Just a stop-by and a ‘hi’ would make our day.


Nick, Ploy and Angie


South Kingstown



    Tong D (ทองดี, Good as Gold) was established in Barrington, RI, back in 2009. With our exceptional team serving consistent and outstanding tasting food, we are glad to do our part in enhancing the reputation of Thai cuisine. 


     We are now proud to present another Tong D in South Kingstown, part of our plan to expand our expertise and food knowledge to neighbor regions. In our effort to bring you the best experiences of Asian Cuisine, our menu now includes Korean, Japanese and Chinese dishes. Please be patient as we work on replicating our success and hope to become your number one restaurant choice. 


      Thank you for becoming a loyal customer and a big part of our success.

                                                                                -- TONG D--

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